Hi, my name is Lars.
EDUCATOR from germany.


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[ Short version ]

My professional experience as a designer started 20 years ago. Since then, I've worked more than 90% of that time as an independent DESIGNER, more than 10 years as an independent PROTOTYPER and more than 5 years as an independent DESIGN CODER for a wide variety of clients (small, medium and large-sized companies and agencies).

After 17 years of working as a design professional in doing hundreds of design-focused projects, I felt it was time to rethink my life and business goals and decided to START something NEW.

On january 15, 2015 I founded my new company [INNOVATIVIO by Lars Richter] to focus on my work as an INNOVATOR helping people + companies directly to INNOVATE.

As an INNOVATOR I offer my clients an individual, very practical and immediately applicable help to become more productive + more independent + more creative.

In addition, I develop new STANDARDS and new TOOLS to radically simplify over-complicated design processes for everyone.

One of the main reasons for my extensive, complex skill set and my PASSION for INNOVATION is my way of self-learning and self-teaching as an 100% AUTODIDACT . I LOVE learning new things, applying them, optimizing them and combining them into new solutions / new working methods / new ideas.

The starting point of my autodidactic learning was in 1987 when I began with programming in ATARI BASIC on my first home computer [ Atari 800XL ].

As an AUTODIDACT I taught myself all my SKILLS and KNOWHOW . In several hundreds of projects I have steadily expanded and improved my working methods to be more productive and more independent.

I always loved to create individual design-focused solutions for companies and marketing agencies based on my huge experience and creative evolution in the fields of DESIGN and PRESENTATIONS.

As a result of my many years of project experience, my in-depth understanding in DESIGN and TEMPLATING, and the DESIGN CODING of responsive design prototypes, I came up with the idea of finding a new, more universal way of creating presentations.

In 2016 I started prototyping and testing new working methods for creating UNIVERSAL PRESENTATIONS. I realized that also a new TEMPLATE STANDARD and new TOOLS are needed for creating this new kind of presentations.

Via instagram and via INNOVATIVIO I give insights into the evolution of this new kind of presentation.

As a PROTOTYPER, I create functional design demos from ideas in a very short time without the help of others. Based on working principles such as "DO-IT-ALL-YOURSELF" or "DON'T BE PERFECT" prototyping allows you to work very productively and independently.

My extensive use of STANDARDS enables me to combine various working methods and tools to define new productive and innovative ways in creating DESIGN and PRESENTATIONS.

In my individual WORKSHOPS and COACHINGS I teach to employees of companies and agencies my self-developed working methods.

When I started with the first Responsive Design projects in 2012, I immediately understood that I had to "code" the Responsive Design myself to get the results I wanted.

So in the following months my way of working as a pixel-accurate screendesign-specialist changed very quickly to a DESIGN CODER. I used a lot of premium templates and html/css frameworks - such as twitter bootstrap - to rapidly develop responsive design prototypes and templates.

After using many different premium templates and getting annoyed with new CSS class names each time, I began defining my own NAMING STANDARDS for CSS classes. On this basis I created a DESIGN CODING TOOLKIT based on pure CSS.

My experience as a professional MEDIA DESIGNER and DESIGN PROTOTYPER includes 20+ years of conception + design + implementation of digital and non-digital presentations for all kinds of clients (small, medium, and large sized companies and marketing agencies).

Most of the time I worked as a professional, MEDIA DESIGNER / SCREENDESIGN SPECIALIST / TEMPLATE CODER / PROTOTYPER. In addition to working for my own clients, I also helped a number of agencies in pitch projects to win over new clients.